Rakhi Sawant is a well-known yet polarizing name in the Indian film industry. She’s been in the entertainment world for a long time, and we’ve always liked her for many reasons. Rakhi Sawant has done it all in her 20-year career, from reality shows to being a part of iconic dance routines in blockbuster movies.

Rakhi Sawant is a model, Indian dancer, actor, and talk show host who has appeared in Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Odia, Telugu, and Tamil films. She was featured on the first season of the Indian reality program Bigg Boss 1 and was a challenger and finalist on Bigg Boss 14. Rakhi Sawant recently featured in Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4.

Rakhi Sawant is a professional performer. She constantly captivates the audience and renders them stunned. Moreover, Rakhi Sawant never fails to provide amusing moments that leave us flabbergasted. She was later seen as depressed, so she filmed a little movie of herself with Adil Khan; scroll down to view her heartbreaking music reel video.

Rakhi Sawant And Adil Khan’s Video Reel Appearance

Rakhi Sawant looked incredible in a silver sleeveless embroidered gown. She wore brown lipstick with her heavy makeup. Her hair was styled in a front puffed and high ponytail. Rakhi is merely adorned with long silver diamond earrings. Adil Khan donned a basic black shirt with formal silver pants.

In her first video appearance with Adil Khan, she takes Adil Khan, and he kisses her on the cheek. Adil Khan appears again in the second appearance and kisses her on the head, and she brings the camera to herself and exhibits her facial makeup appearance. Rakhi Sawant captioned her video post, “Throwback video.”

Throwback: Rakhi Sawant Shares A Video With Adil Khan In Silver Sleeveless Embellished Gown 763218

Throwback: Rakhi Sawant Shares A Video With Adil Khan In Silver Sleeveless Embellished Gown 763220

One fan wrote, “Rakhi Mam jaisi ladki Milana nashib chahiye adil sir ko mil gayi bass Yuhi madam ko ache se rakhna ” other fan wrote, “Masha Allah dono bi kush raho .”

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