Check out Rakhi Sawant Mimics Malaika Arora's walk as she flaunts her butt in front of the Paparazzi, have a look.

Rakhi Sawant Mimics Malaika Arora’s Walk By Flashing Her Butt, Netizen Calls ‘Nautanki Aaurat’

Rakhi Sawant is a well-known but polarizing figure in the Indian film industry. However, we have long admired her for her long entertainment industry career. In her 20-year career, Rakhi Sawant has done everything, from reality TV to dancing in well-known movie sequences.

Rakhi Sawant is an Indian model, actress, dancer, and talk show host who has appeared in several Hindi films and a few Kannada, Marathi, Odia, Telugu, and Tamil productions. She appeared on Bigg Boss 1’s first season as well as the challenger and participant on Bigg Boss 14 in India. Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 included Rakhi Sawant as well.

Rakhi Sawant is a working performer. She continually holds the audience’s attention and leaves them in awe. Rakhi Sawant never ceases to provide amusing moments that astound us. Every time Rakhi Sawant is spotted in the city, she never fails to give the paparazzi a drama fix. In the most recent, the actress shocked the media by imitating Bollywood diva Malaika Arora’s infamous duck walk; scroll down to see her video below –

Rakhi Sawant’s Video Appearance

There is no denying that Rakhi Sawant is a performer! The controversial diva was recently photographed having a good time despite rumors that she may appear in Lock Upp 2. According to a paparazzi-shared video, Rakhi makes fun of Malaika Arora’s famed stride. Rakhi Sawant mimics Malla’s gait in the video by flashing her butts. Her pink sports bra and matching workout leggings were shown in recent photos of her at the gym. As usual, she was ridiculed online for imitating Malaika’s gait too much. While she walks, all call her “Malaika Ji, Malaika Ji” and give a ditto look to the camera. She says, “Bhaiyaa hume malaika ki walk badi achi lagti hai, hum deewane hai Malaika Ji ke walk ke, an ask me baad hum aisehi chalenge,” and then she flaunts her butt.

One user wrote, “Nautanki Aaurat on Top” and another wrote, “Oooo god ae kabhi nay sudharegi.”

Rakhi Sawant Mimics Malaika Arora's Walk By Flashing Her Butt, Netizen Calls 'Nautanki Aaurat' 791178

Rakhi Sawant Mimics Malaika Arora's Walk By Flashing Her Butt, Netizen Calls 'Nautanki Aaurat' 791179

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