Rakhi Sawant misses her mother and sends out an emotional message.

Rakhi Sawant Misses Her Mother Dearly; Says ‘Muje Bachalo Mom’

Rakhi Sawant lost her mother exactly on this date, last month. Jaya Bheda the mother of Rakhi Sawant was dealing with terminal endometrial cancer for a while. She was admitted to the hospital and was under critical care for a few months. Today, it has exactly been a month since she lost her mother. Rakhi is all emotional and sad as she poses for a video as she talks to her mother who she says is in heaven, the better place.

Rakhi tells her mother through the video that she is presently in Dubai and that she has a heavy heart, as she misses her. She says that she could not go along with her mom, but asks her to save her. Rakhi cries ‘Muje Bachalo Mom’.

The emotional video of Rakhi has touched many hearts.

You can have a glimpse of it here.

Video Courtesy: Instagram

Rakhi, we send you a lot of positive vibes!!