The sensational queen Rakhi Sawant never fails to make it to the headlines. The actress is back from Mecca after performing the holy Umrah. Recently, the former Bigg Boss contestant went to Saudi Arabia with her friends for the holy pilgrimage. She returned to Mumbai on Thursday morning, and she was welcomed with love and a floral shower at the airport.

As the actress comes out of the gate, paparazzi gather around her to welcome her. The paps shouted ‘Rakhi, Rakhi’ to take a shot, and that’s when the actress asked to call her, “Rakhi nahi Fatima bolo.” Obeying her command, the photographers and paparazzi began calling her Fatima.

View Instagram Post 1: "Rakhi Nahi Fatima Bolo," Says Rakhi Sawant After Returning From Her Spiritual Journey In Mecca

A man tried to put a garland around her neck, but she refused and stepped back. While a woman also did the same, and she allowed her to do so.

However, when a report asked her if she had changed her name on the papers, replying to him, she said, “God made me just like this; he loves me just how I am. He doesn’t need me to change documents or my name.”

Rakhi Sawant converted her religion from Hindu to Islam after tying the knot with Adil Khan. But later, she accused him of being abusive and filed a complaint against him. Adil Khan has been in jail for the past few months. However, after coming out of jail, along with his friends, he started to bash Rakhi in the media.

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