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Actor Annup Sonii who is presently seen in the ZEE5 series Bombers gets into an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com. Read it right here.

I want someone to tap the actor in me by offering a gangster role: Annup Sonii

Versatile actor Annup Sonii has had a vast career on the big as well as small screen.

He has donned varied roles starting from the central patriarch character in Balika Vadhu to being the host on the crime based thriller series Crime Patrol.

Recently, his outings on the digital platform have proven fruitful with him playing an interesting role in ALTBalaji’s The Test Case.

Now Annup is seen in a dynamically different kind of character in ZEE5 series, Bombers.

Bombers is the story of a football club which hits dust with all the members perishing in an accident. It has Annup playing the cunning persona of Manik Dasgupta who stands tall to closing down the dreams of the emerging team to resurrect the football club all over again.

Says Annup about this challenging role in Bombers, “For an actor, any role that throws in a challenge is exciting enough. It was fun working with the team of Bombers. The script as well as role was very interesting.”

Talking about his character, Annup states, “He is not a corrupt guy, but is a very today’s person with clear thoughts. He is a smart dynamic guy who is well-read, well-behaved and well-dressed person. He is not a typical Hindi film villain. He talks sense, but the problem in him is that he wants to aspire whatever he believes in and wants. He is that kind of a negative guy.”

Manik is the person who sets the tone for the story to move ahead, when he wants to make a mall in the football ground and wants to buy it by striking a deal. However the newly emerging football team clashes with his ideologies and it is a fight for survival later on.

“Manik feels that a mall is very important for the society and he needs to build it on the ground. When the new team gets built, there starts the fight between them. The message is sown clearly here that the passion for the game of football in huge in the people out there. Also the series points out on the importance of having open spaces around us,” he adds.

Annup Sonii will be seen in a Netflix film Class of 83 and another web-series on Netflix, Baahubali. “You have to take every character as a fresh new character. I will be seen in few of the works on the digital platforms in the coming months. If you see, all my characters and roles are so very different. There is no similarity in any of my characters. As an actor I am enjoying this phase. The best part is that makers are also not fixing me in a particular role. They are giving me different kind of roles and are experimenting with stuff.”

Ask Annup on the factors that he looks into when he is about to choose a role or series, and he states, “When I pick up a movie or web-series, I see to it that there is a beginning, middle and end to the story. Also I look into the character offered to me and the whole journey of the person. I see whether the character is substantial in the story line, and whether his presence is making any difference in the story line. I have never counted on the number of scenes I appear in. Whether I come in 50 scenes, or even 10 scenes, what I want is that I play a character that is noticeable.”

In his vast career, Annup has donned varied roles. Ask him if he longs to play any kind of role and he is quick to state, “I think I have never been given a gangster kind of a role. I don’t know why nobody has tapped me in doing this (smiles). I hope I get to do this one day.”

Annup will also be seen in a Marathi feature film which will be his first. Titled Fateh Shikhar, the film will be a period drama depicting one of the chapters of Shivaji.

Annup Sonii who has had a good career on TV does not want to get back to fiction and drama series. “It is definitely a no for me for fiction. I am fine with anchoring work though. My focus is completely on films and web-series.”

All the very best, Annup Sonii!!

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