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Is it wrong to expect priority from one’s own husband, questions Mona Singh

Versatile TV, film and web actor, Mona Singh, is very happy at the response that the second season of her ALTBalaji show, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, is eliciting. “It is heartening that we are back within a year. In-between, many folks wrote in, asking as to what would happen to Ananya and Rohit (Ronit Roy). While season 2 has answered those questions, it has thrown up many other queries.”

Was it right for Ananya to have walked out like she did? “Well, my interior designer character represents the modern woman. If Rohit loved her independent career-oriented personality before marriage, why should that change now? No one asks a man to give up his career for marriage; so why is a woman expected to leave everything and sit at home, like Rohit’s first wife Poonam (Gurdeep Kohli) did?”

“Such decisions should be taken by the mother on her own. There should be no force; like my mom was working, but quit on her own violation, for she knew it would be tough to keep changing jobs, given my father’s army job (transfers); and she also had to take care of me and my sister.”

Point out that shouldn’t she respect Rohit who left his family for her, she replies, “Well, he was already unhappy in his marriage. I was just the catalyst in whatever happened. Remember, I did not expect him to abandon his family. But is it wrong to expect my husband to give me priority? And last but not the least, Ananya too has given three years of her life to their relationship. So he can’t go on guilt-tripping her.”

Talking about the current pregnancy track this 21-episode series is currently focusing on, she says, “While Ananya would not opt for abortion, she will surely question Rohit whether they are ready for a child at this time. Let’s face it; motherhood does put a temporary stop to a woman’s career. Many of my married female friends are going through a similar dilemma. A mutually beneficial decision is the need of the hour.”

Ask about her on-screen boss, Harry Somani (Apurva Agnihotri), and she says, “While there is healthy flirting between both, she will not cross the line, for she is married to Rohit. Having been a working woman for so many years, she has come across several men who might want her, but she knows where to draw the line.”

“It was fun working with Apurva again after Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. Fans always wanted to see us together on screen,” ended she.

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