The actor is set to enter the web series universe…

You can’t expect fairness in an entertainment show: Gaurav Chopraa

Experienced and good looking TV actor Gaurav Chopraa, last seen in Bigg Boss season 10, is also toying with the idea of taking up digital shows besides TV and films as well.

“Youngsters, who don’t watch Indian shows, check out online content through their smart phones,” says the maverick thespian.

On his online show, Gaurav refuses to divulge much info but says, “It is more than a fiction show. I play the host and main character. Given my brand value and dedication to the show, the makers have not only made me face of the show but have promised me a share in the revenues as well.”

Gaurav’s last major TV fiction show was Uttaran which ran for seven years earning him lots of name and fame as Rathore.

Talking about the medium he says, “Given the diversity of India you can’t have Netlflix or Amazon Plus type of content. You will also to need to go beyond English and Hindi shows touching regional languages and dialects.”

Point taken. On his Bigg Boss journey, the actor with baritone says, “I only said yes after most of my terms and conditions   were met. I did not expect to last so long (12 out of 15 weeks), not do all those things like getting into fights, abusing women and other such stuff. Interestingly, the creative team did not let me know through the weekend episodes interaction that this behavior was going well with the audiences.  Later I came to know that Colors put lots of my interaction with fellow house mates likes Manu Punjabi and Bani J on their digital platform Voot which got lots of views. My positive interaction was being praised as gentlemanly by youth.  I wish this segment’s love and affection stays with me through my above digital journey as well.”

Here he adds that his surprise midweek elimination annoyed a lot of fans.

“#GetGauravBack campaign on social media was so strong that Colors and Endemol (production house) were talking to me about a possible return.”

He has no qualms about being eliminated.  “After so many years in TV business I understand that you can’t expect fairness in an entertainment show.”


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