Sony LIV’s Uday Sodhi chats with IndianWikiMedia

Sony LIV top boss shares his thoughts in a candid conversation

Sony LIV’s Uday Sodhi chats with IndianWikiMedia

“Good afternoon, Sodhi Sahab…how are you feeling today?

“All good…you tell me”

***exchange of business cards and conversation continues***

Uday Sodhi, Head – Digital Business at Sony Pictures Networks India, has an unruffled veneer to his personality. With statesman like gravitas, Uday commands respect and his salt & pepper look adds charisma to magnetism.

The plush 5th floor of Sony Pictures premises is a power center. As we waited for the press conference of Kacho Papad Pako Papad to commence, Sony LIV’s Gujarati original series, we saw the inimitable N P Singh (top boss at Sony) walk by, deep in thought and easy in posture, mark of an evolved successful individual.

The conference began and Uday launched Kacho Papad Pako Papad, a Gujarati family comedy. The initial screenings did hold attention, promising more engagement & entertainment.

“The show is different. The flavour and the writing is not something you will see on television. It’s fresh and has a subtle appeal,” are the words of Uday.

Sony LIV is one of the front runners in the space of original web content (Love Bytes, Lost Found) creation and probably the leader in experimentation in the regional market (Marathi (YOLO), Gujarati).

“We have been pushing the envelope and the response has been amazing. Our shows cater to a larger audience and interest base. Our idea is to get innovative with each content attempt,” says Uday.

It’s evident that the OTT universe is expanding and it finds strong roots in sexual innuendos, below the belt suggestive phrases, profanities et al. However, Sony LIV is breaking the clutter and is distinct in its approach.

“I have my audience and I have to create content keeping them in mind. I need to focus on my art, irrespective of what others are doing. There are no norms as such or written rules, which is the best part about creative art.”

Uday agrees that eventually the platforms will get seamless, mindset will open up and audience of all ages will consume content on the go.

So will Indian audience pay to watch good content? “See, we need to have faith. Secondly, to make them pay we have to first make the technicalities easy in experience. Layers are needed to be reduced and more financial tie ups/payment modules are required. Step by step we will get there,” ends the wise man.

Download Sony LIV now to enjoy Kacho Papad Pako Papad and other interesting content.

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