Young and talented Director Ashrit Wadhwa has come up with a visually spectacular Broadway on Video concept for Independence Day.

Actor Manish Wadhwa’s son Ashrit Wadhwa directs a new-age Broadway on video for Independence Day

Seasoned actor Manish Wadhwa needs no introduction!! His son Ashrit Wadhwa who has directed works like Threesome, Bojh, Gulaab Jamun, Dharam Karam, Kaun con hai? (feature film) has directed something spectacular during this lockdown phase.

Mixing the Broadway format with the new-age technology, Ashrit has come up with a Broadway On Video titled ‘Watan Meri Pehchan Hai Tu’. This video covers different art forms and creates Jugal Bandhi between all of them on musical notes supported by poetry, dance and drama.

The artists involved in the video include Krishna Beura, Indira Naik, Samarpit Golani, Amrita Talukdar, Shazi Ahmed, Puneet Singh.

The actors involved in the project include the versatile TV and film actors Manish Wadhwa, Sooraj Thapar and Shruti Panwar.

Artists Rekha Babbal, Deepali Bhosale Sayyed, Anny are also part of the project.

This music video has been created for the occasion of Independence Day. talked to Ashrit Wadhwa who said, “The lockdown had shut almost everything, from theatre to music, dance to Broadway. Hence I wanted to come up with a concept which will be a Broadway on Video. I worked on the musical part first. We then looked for the actors and worked on the drama. The music video has come out very well.”

The music video is produced by Manish Wadhwa and his wife.


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