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No sequel for Laxmii Bomb

Akshay Kumar’s Laxmii Bombs, Sequel Dropped

With Disney-Hotstar’s Laxmmi, earlier entitled Laxmmi Bomb(probably they knew it would bomb) getting the poorest response from the audience and an average vote of 2.4/10 with more than 12,000 1-star ratings on IMDb, the film is now one of Akshay Kumar’s career’s most hated films.

Disney-Hotstar chooses to let the public believe that Laxmii is enjoying a massive viewership. Press notes on “celebrating” the film’s success are being circulated.

However a trade expert on condition of anonymity has another story to tell. “Disney-Hostar and Akshay Kumar have every reason to worry when even a Taish featuring no A-lister is getting a much bigger response. Laxmii is one of Akshay Kumar’s worst rated films in his entire career.”

One of the actors from the film told this writer that plans of making a sequel have been dropped. “If you see the film ,Akshay clearly indicates a sequel. But after the way Laxmii bombed all plans of carrying the story forward have been dropped. We are not going to see Akshay back as transgender.”

Nothing to feel ‘Sari’ about.

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