The ongoing controversy surrounding Bigg Boss OTT 3 has been the talk of the town as one would expect and it doesn’t seem to dying down soon. Whether or not Vishal Pandey’s comments on Kritka Malik were wrong according to people’s perspective is another thing, but Armaan Malik slapping him and not being punished for it has met with extreme reactions from people outside.

After having talked with Sameeksha Sud, in an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz, Pandey’s sister, Neha Pandey had a heart-to-heart talk where she not only expressed her support for her brother but also broke down while looking at her parents feeling down as a reaction to what happened in the house.

Q. Vishal Pandey has been given character certificates by many right now. You as his sister, what do you feel about it?

The person who is giving him a character certificate, I don’t think that person is even worthy to do that. One person can be doing this if they can apply the same to themselves. If people are giving him a character certificate, all I can say is that the world is watching. So many people are coming up and saying several things to him, I don’t think what he said was wrong – it was fun and games between two men talking about it. My brother would not have anticipated that it would backfire on him so much and would break him down entirely. He is a 25-year-old boy. All the ones claiming that he doesn’t have the manners to talk to elders then these elders – they could have explained it to him, that forget it, just be careful about it.

Q. Ranvir Shorey said that he used the word ‘guilty’ and that means you meant it. Others as well have been making remarks on how he should accept it.

Vishal Pandey doesn’t know the situation outside. But here, he is being pressured so much by everyone that he is wrong, he is wrong. In so much pressure, one commits bigger sins and here you can see the disbelief and shock on my brother’s face when he is being marked out for something that isn’t even his fault. I know my brother well and the thing he said was only in jest.

Q. Armaan is seen complimenting other female contestants as well. Is that wrong too then?

Armaan can only praise one person and that is himself. Even with Kritika, he keeps saying, ‘yeh toh pagli hai, main iski nahi sunta’. I keep saying, this wasn’t a big issue at all. The bottom line is this if indeed he felt the way he did when it comes to Vishal saying what he did – he should have taken a stand then. That should have happened then and there. But this was calculated. If he did indeed feel so bad about it, he should have immediately reacted by standing up and slapping him. This was a thought-out step taken by him.

Q. Armaan went intending to slap Vishal. He was also seen instigating other housemates against Vishal. What do you have to say about that?

He has been doing that since Day one. He would also gone against Lovekesh Kataria but he knows very well that because of Elvish Yadav and his Elvish army, it would have backfired at him. So, he thought Vishal was an easier option to target. Ironically he (Armaan) is also an influencer but he has done that by creating controversies where people like my brother and others, keep making content and entertaining people getting those views and love from people. I would have not even given an interview if my brother belonged to that category. I am glad my brother is a sensible man and he did not react to Armaan slapping him.

Interviewed by Sweta Gupta

Q. Shivani and Chandrika were seen flipping their take against Vishal. What do you have to say about that?

In the Bigg Boss house, who doesn’t flip? Vishal called his friend his ‘brother’ but he flipped on him. But he is also a kid and a lot has happened to him as well. That would be his game plan and I am fine with it. Now this is on Vishal, how he wants to treat his friendship and open his eyes or just be blind to it.

Q. How have been your parents handling and reacting to this situation?

See, if we would have wanted to just keep crying and gain sympathy – we would have done with it. My parents were already feeling down and watching the video, they couldn’t control their emotions. (Crying) I am genuinely strong but seeing my parents and my brother like this, we feel helpless. I hope this tough time gets converted into good times.

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