The popular actress apparently is not keen to take up the new project…

Niti Taylor turns down Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan sequel offer?

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan (MTV) is a popular youth show which was creatively helmed by Vikas Gupta (Lost Boy Productions) and ably executed by BBC.

The youth show made headlines for its impact content and also the swindling, dwindling inter relationship between the cast and creator members.

Without disturbing the proverbial skeleton in the cupboard, the latest fluttering  in the media space is that the popular franchise will soon make a second attempt to entertain its loyal viewers, which as per reports, could germinate from the creative fields of either Lost Boy or BBC, for both have put their minds and hands into nurturing and growing the idea.

Now, IndianWikiMedia has learnt that BBC sounded off Niti Taylor, an integral part of the franchise, to be part of the sojourn. However, the petite beauty reverted with a ‘no’. With one door shutting, the BBC creatives apparently reached out to Parth Samthaan and the popular lad has shown interest in the project.

We hear that the proposed show will not be a sequel in the real sense rather it might be a spin off as in the likes of Kundali Bhagya.  The new show might only retain one or two characters from the original Fab Five. The story will be different as well.   Charlie Chauhan has also been approached for the same besides Parth, and she too is keen to hop on the casting bandwagon. In most certainty it won’t air on MTV and find its beaming platform in web.

We reached out to Niti for a comment, however she chose to remain mum. Our sources maintain that Niti is apprehensive of the idea that Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan should be made without the original cast flavour and she intends to shy away from any further relationship complications owing to past experiences.

Parth, who is also reportedly doing an upcoming Star Bharat show, is currently figuring out the key points before inking the deal with BBC.

We tried to reach out to Parth and BBC World Wide head Myleeta but could not get through till the time of filing the story.

IndianWikiMedia will soon come up with more updates.

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