Prerna Wanvari in ALT Balaji’s Cyber Squad

The actress will be part of an episodic

Prerna Wanvari in ALT Balaji’s Cyber Squad

Indianwikimedia was the first online publication to report about Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji weaving an intriguing tale christened Cyber Squad (read here: ALT Balaji’s ‘Cyber Squad’ to launch in July).

The series will revolve around a set of students studying in a school. It will be having episodic crime related stories happening in the backdrop of the school, and how a set of ‘hackers’ will identify the root cause of the problems and will derive solutions to the crime.

The lead protagonists of the show will be four of them who would essay the roles of the hackers who would chase the problems and solve the crime cases.

Actor Rohan Shah who was seen in Balaji’s Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar will be the only noted personality among the lead faces. Newbies Omkar Kulkarni, Jovita Jose, Roshan Preet will join Rohan as the leads in the gang of hackers.

Also, noted actor Jasmine Avasia of Tumhari Pakhi and Ek Mutthi Aasmaan fame will play a very modern character, similar to that of Karishma Kapoor’s in the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. She will belong to another gang in the school and will be very self-conscious about her look. Actors Siddharth Sharma, Heer Kaur and Sheetal Tiwari will also be seen in the series.

Now we have learnt that talented and beautiful Prerna Wanvari (Bandini fame) has also been signed for an episodic in the show.

She will be enacting the role of a sensuous teacher and will help the gang trace crime.

Prerna on her part chose not to comment on the new.

We buzzed the spokesperson at ALTBalaji, but did not receive any comment.

Watch this space for more updates.

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