The idea looked a rather incredulous when actors part of Colors channel took to Twitter and wished Bigg Boss in similar tone

Seamless social: Same tweet, same wish of Colors’ actors for Bigg Boss

The world of social media is funny and liberating at the same time.

Scroll up and down your phone’s screen and the entire world’s information filters in your head.

Now, Colors as an organization has built robust digital promotional roots, ensuring the right buzz at times of need.

Yesterday, Bigg Boss season 11 hit airwaves and the activity caught imagination of the masses across India.

Social timelines of different Colors’ platforms got inundated with interesting nuggets of info and #BiggBoss11 emerged as a leading trend on Twitter.

However, we made a rather strange observation, which could be a faux pas in the plan, if not, then a weird anomaly.

Popular actors, who are a part or have been a part of Colors’ shows, took to Twitter to wish Bigg Boss a great opening night, which is commendable, however, in social media when it’s all about freedom of thoughts and expressions as per one’s individuality, most of the actors tweeted in exact same language and tone, reflecting the idea of pre determined mundane messaging.

Names like Vivian Dsena, Nia Sharma, Manish Paul, Arjun Bijlani can have an identical thought, but choice of words being precise to the T, is a rather far-fetched scenario.

Gaurav Gera and Bharti Singh too shared the same tweet. Ravi Dubey and Gautam Gulati among other chose to use their own rationale and creativity in wishing (a bit).

The belief is that Colors might have asked them to tweet, which is fine, but all tweeting in same language, doesn’t help the cause.

To learn more on the story, we connected with a channel spokesperson but did not get any revert till the time of putting the article to bed.

Having said that, Colors and its digital team put up a laudable effort to create the right buzz for Bigg Boss, and this little blemish, if one can call it so, deserves a benefit of doubt.

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