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Meet Nabeel Merchant, the creative prodigy from Dubai, inspiring the world with his innovative and trending content across online mediums

Nabeel Merchant is coming up with an exciting giveaway for people in the form of a free trip to Dubai to activate his YouTube channel and other social platforms.

It is an incredible feeling when we look around ourselves and find many talented minds around us, who prove the world that it takes immense hard work and passion for walking on their desired paths and achieving their desired success. Youngsters all over the world have always impressed people with the newer ideas and concepts they have brought along with them in diverse business industries and this has paved the way for the exponential growth of many industries in the world. We came across one such youngster named Nabeel Merchant, a creative entrepreneur based in Dubai who has proved his mettle not just in one business industry but many and who has made his unique place in the world as a multi-talented youngster.

Merchant worked in different fields, to ultimately become the prominent name he enjoys today as a young entrepreneur. He has been in the fitness world, then showed an inclination towards the world of photography and finally ventured into the social media marketing industry. The entrepreneurial world is something that always attracted Merchant and this led him to work with his father into the business of hiring and renting luxurious vanity vans and caravans for celebrities in Bollywood.

With the aim to achieve much better feats in the world of business, Merchant founded ‘A Bunch of Creatives’, a Dubai-based robust digital agency that is backed by Merchant’s strong visions and his expertise to bring together many influencers and celebrities to create unique and trending content around Dubai. This firm under the leadership of Merchant works along with brands across the globe and creates innovative content that promises to stand apart from the rest of the industry to increase the reach and presence of brands even in the competitive market world.

The content creation under A Bunch of Creatives, which is a high-performing content production agency, is powered by creatives who specialize in different verticals of travel, fashion, experience and lifestyle. So far, Merchant has always been behind the camera, showing his prowess with his photography skills, but now he plans to be in front of the same. In his career in film and photography, Merchant has worked along with many Bollywood and international celebrities on multiple projects.

What’s even more exciting for people, his fans and followers is that Merchant is now bringing Atrangz to Dubai to offer a free trip to Dubai for activating his YouTube channel and other social platforms. Also, to catch hold of the attention of all his fans and admirers, Merchant is planning to come up with more such giveaways soon.

To know more about this talented youngster, follow him on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lifeofprodigy/?hl=en.

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