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On the occasion of one year completion of Zoom Studios, IWMBuzz speaks with Nikhil Gandhi

Zoom Studios will tell more good stories this year: Nikhil Gandhi, President, Times Network

Zoom Studios, as a content division, has successfully managed to carve a niche for itself in the web originals space.

At a time when web projects are being doled out incessantly with maximum marketing blitzkrieg, Zoom, has stood out from the clutter with some strong impactful poignant storytelling.

“Our stories are based on relationships. We don’t rely on big faces to ensure saleability. Our core is to tell a good story which connects with the youth of today. We did four originals last year which have gained millions of views. The growth has been phenomenal and this year, we have plans to launch at least ten web originals,” shared Nikhil Gandhi, top boss at Zoom.

Out of the last year’s lot, The Reunion and Mom and Co won hearts of our critic team who termed the projects underrated but highly recommended.

“We consciously work with a very talented pool of content creators. They help to weave stories which connect. We want to be known for quality content and not quantity. Zoom Studios will be known for some premium good quality content in the competitive market,” added Nikhil.

Zoom Studios believes in the idea of being platform agnostic, hence parks its content on Youtube and Facebook. Nikhil is of the opinion that it’s all about reaching out to a larger and right audience.

“We ride on the legacy of Zoom TV brand. Platform for us is secondary, we want to give our content maximum exposure. Talking about the model, we rely on branded content and given the kind of success, many brands have lined up. Apart from it, we are also focusing heavily on the syndication model. Our stories are set to travel the world. This year, apart from web series, we are also looking at creating nice short films,” Nikhil shared.

It’s interesting to note that Zoom Studios, apart from creating its own originals, will also make content for other OTT networks.

“So, the idea is to increase our forte and canvass of storytelling. At Zoom, given our audience interest, we have certain limitations, however, we have proven our mettle in the originals space. Hence, we have been reached out by other OTT networks to create good content for them. It’s like a commissioned model, but the precise nature of engagement, be it fully commissioned or IP sharing, will be case to case basis.”

Nikhil further added that the fact that all Zoom Studios’ web shows stream on the net as well as air on Zoom TV, it ensures a larger impact and audience. It also helps in better discovery of content in the otherwise cluttered space.

As Zoom Studios completed a glorious run of a year, Nikhil thanked his team for making it happen, one special mention being Sourabh Bhowal who pioneers the content initiative at the studio.

Here’s wishing Zoom Studios a great year ahead.

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