Check to see who has gotten a better physique, Faisu or Siddharth Nigam

Faisu Vs Siddharth Nigam: Who Has the Hottest V Shaped Physique?

At whatever point it comes to fitness and good physique, these two names, Mr Faisu and Siddharth Nigam consistently crop up. What’s more, today we at IWMBuzz are up to know who has a better physique according to you! And whom you do follow regularly, to amp up your fitness routine!

Faisu otherwise known as Faisal Sheik is popular A Mr Faisu, who is the member and founder of team 07, is a notable TikTok star, he earned more than 30million adherents on TikTok. Yet, with the permanent boycott on the app, we genuinely miss him on the stage. In any case, other than that, He is an incredible actor and entertainer, and furthermore a style blogger and a model. He is popular for his puffy and wind-swept hairdo, and fashion updos. Youth loves his looks and hot body. His fitness routine is trailed by many youngsters in the nation, his athletic figure is totally worth the rage! His fitness pictures are something that might propel you to turn the AC on!

Siddharth Nigam has gotten an enormous acknowledgement for his acting styles and fashion style. Other than that, he is a notable gymnast and has won gold medals on the national level, and also a fitness freak. His YouTube channel is topped off with his fitness videos and dance videos. His social media is filled with fitness pictures and others, the pictures are proof of how fantastic of a gymnast he is! His well-toned body is something we can’t help but go obsessed with!

Here are the pictures of the two, have a look and decide who you think has the best body and the perfect V-shaped physique.

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