Whom do you think is the best, Saif or Nawazuddin?

Saif Ali Khan Vs Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Your Favourite Sacred Games Character?

In the world of the hyperbolic realm, it is no wonder that people would love the loose-limbed derision to accept the hyperboles in a daily rhythm.

It is no wonder that web series has taken over the entire community. The OTT platforms are reaching to the top, already with its increasing number of subscriptions. In recent times, India has thrived with the best algorithm for the cross-cultural segment, Sacred Games, the well-known web series that has brought the nuances of historical figures, portraying the criminal life of Bombay has put up with the best algorithm so far and has been adapted from Vikram Chandra’s 2006 novel.

The protagonist, Satraj Singh (Saif Ali Khan) and the antagonist, Gaitonde (Nawauddin Siddiqui) have equipoised the whole story. Both are equally viable and are the glaring portrayal of the characters. To call who is the best would be completely vague and a mockery toward the characters.

Satraj Singh, the forlorn policeman, who is bamboozled by the call by Gaitonde, who is supposedly accepted as dead, but was not. The use of satirical exaggerations has brought the melodramatic outline that no Indian drama misses. The dark humour and its sincere portrayals through both characters have kept the entire thriller boxed in gold. The serious tension between the two has kept the suspense and thrill intact in the viewers. Both the actors are prolific and aptly knows how to give the best out of everything.

Whom do you like more? Let us know in comments.

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