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Grab your seats for InfluencerCon

InfluencerCon 2019: Get ready to meet your favourite Social Media Influencers!

Believe the Hype- The year is coming to an end! But that means, InfluencerCon the biggest Influencer Convention in India is just around the corner! Happening on 22nd and 23rd of November, 2019- the convention that celebrates the power of Digital Content.

It’s pretty much your favourite Youtubers, Fashion and Beauty gurus, all the greatest digital content creators you have been following will be there! They’ll talk about how exactly they went about making a mark in the social media scene. Kusha Kapila, Brandon Rogers, Elvish Yadav, Srishti Dixit and Viraj Ghelani and 40 more will be there for two days of networking.

Part of the India Joy festival , InfluencerCon brings exciting opportunities not just to gain insights from these very dynamic speakers, but also to attend some of their workshops, at the same venue.

They have something to cater to everyone’s interest.Fashion and beauty,photography and video editing, etc. Some of the biggest brands and platforms are going to be present too -learn the hows & whys of collaboration from them.Also, if you are a music junkie, there is Indiajoy Music Festival for THREE nights…some of the biggest rappers and DJs will perform over the course of the weekend.

So come catch all the buzz, meet your icons, learn the tricks of the trade, interact with the Pros and understand what they believe works the best in trying to become an Influencer. Get your tickets today at the InfluencerCon website:

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