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InfluencerCon 2019: Learn from Experts in the Industry

We’re sure you know about InfluencerCon by now, and how some of the most popular influencers–Sejal Kumar, Kusha Kapila, Round2Hell, Brandon Rogers etc.–are all going to be there.

But did you know that InfluencerCon this year is also hosting over 8 skill-intensive workshops for all its attendees?

Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect!

What’s the ONE thing that you simply cannot do without when trying to make a good video, or even a podcast? It’s the story you build, that’s what! At InfluencerCon, you can learn how to master the art of storytelling and engage your audience with not just what you want to say, but how you choose to say it.

And how do you ensure your audience doesn’t click away after the first few seconds of your video? As they say, laughter really IS the best medicine, especially for boredom. No matter what content you’re creating, humor plays a very important role in making sure you’re better connected with your viewers. Learn how to stand out by using humor the right way, at the time!

Are you a foodie that has only just realised his true calling in life – to become a food blogger? Well then you should hurry up and register for InfluencerCon right now because they have a session dedicated to making your food pictures look absolutely scrumptious!

There’s so much going on, it’s positively thrilling!

Hurry up and register at to become a part of all that is happening.

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