Ali Fazal’s Diet & Workout Routine (For Mirzapur)

We were all captivated by Ali Fazal’s beefed-up appearance in the online series “Mirzapur.” One of the most brilliant performers in Bollywood, Fazal has never missed an opportunity to make headlines and win over his female fans. Ali’s love for acting is great enough to motivate him to change his physical appearance. Everyone gasped at his transformation from a gangster in the online series “Mirzapur” to a little boy from a rural village in “Milan Talkies.” Because of his part in “Mirzapur,” the actor gained more than 14 kg. Ali, however, dropped more than 14 kg of muscle and 2 kg of fat for “Milan Talkies.”

The Diet of Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal followed a rigid diet for eight months in preparation for his part as a criminal in the web series “Mirzapur,” adding roughly 14 kg of muscle in the process. Being a Lucknow native, Ali enjoys Mughlai food but has had to make many sacrifices due to a strict diet. He used to consume protein every two hours for “Mirzapur.”


Ali skips breakfast and skips the carbohydrates. His breakfast is extremely straightforward; in place of eggs, he had oatmeal and coffee. In order to completely lose all of his muscle mass for the “Milan Talkies,” he was put on a Keto diet that excluded all carbohydrates and almost all sweets.


He usually has dairy for lunch because he follows the Keto diet. There are no foods high in sugar in his diet.


Before seven o’clock at night, he used to have dinner. After 7 o’clock at night, he doesn’t eat.

Ali Fazal’s Workout Plan

Ali would perform three drills to prepare for the part of a gangster in Mirzapur. He performed chest workouts, squats, and deadlifts as part of his fitness routine. The actor used to exercise for around four hours every day and adhere to this training regimen for almost eight months. Fazal was coached by Rakesh Udiyar, who also worked with Aamir Khan in Dangal. More surprisingly, Ali had gone three days without drinking any water before the first day of the web series’ shooting.

In addition to running, Ali also participates in functional training, boxes, meditates and attends Crossfit classes. The actor’s heart rate is maintained through his cross-fit regimen.