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Rimorav Vlogs A youtube channel of Rishi, Mohena and Gaurav is quite an entertaining channel and fastest-growing channel.

The best and most entertaining moments of Rimorav Vlogs

RIMORAV Vlogs is the official YouTube channel of three friends Rishi, Mohena and Gaurav. This trio lives the fantastic life in Mumbai. All of them the Best Friend Forever of each other and do too much of fun and enjoy everything about everyone. The best quality about them which I have observed is that they do not fight on silly things and never disrespect each other. The level of co-operation which these guys have is ideal for the best friendships for life. They all enjoy the presence of each other as well as accept the mistakes and handle each and every situation with ease.

The best thing about them what I like is their responses to the hate speech, arrogance and ignorance of their fans. In spite of having a great number of haters, they never stop or leave their work in between. Rimorav Vlogs has now become one of the leading YouTube channels of India.

They started their channel on December 6, 2017 and uploaded their first video on December 7, 2017 with the challenge videos such as Breaking Rule Challenge, Drinking Challenge, Dance Challenge and Cooking Challenge. Later on, they did certain pranks in their videos and even some surprises. They also made some videos on Patience Test, Friendship Test, etc.

While talking about the best moments of them, we can not ignore the video which they made on Friendship Special they uploaded on August 5, 2018 and the Best Birthday Ever video which they posted on December 23, 2017.

Coming to the most entertaining moments of theirs, we could take in the account the below videos:

1. Life Is Great (January 6, 2018).
2. Insulting Best Friend Prank (January 21, 2018).
3. Valentine Day Special (February 10, 2018).
4. Surprise Rimorav Vlogs (September 8, 2018).
5. Horror Challenge (July 15, 2018).
6. Friendship Test (February 25, 2018).

These were the best and most entertaining moments of Rimorav Vlogs.

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