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Find out why Jannat Zubair was on social media detox

‘Depressed’ Jannat Zubair chose social media detox

Gorgeous beauty Jannat Zubair, who is also the popular TikTok star, has been creating a lot of buzz through her latest work. The actress is a well-known TV personality as well as the social media queen. Although the actress is not seen on screen, she knows how to make headlines.

Jannat is a fashion icon and she keeps giving major goals with her trendy style statements. The actress looks beautiful in every outfit that she dons. The actress enjoys a huge fan following on social media as she keeps sharing her most beautiful photos on her social media accounts to stay in touch with her fans. However, she was missing from social media and that made her fans worried.

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Now, the actress is back after her social media detox. She mentioned that the break was necessary as she was depressed. She posted a picture on Instagram along with a message: “Just needed a break for a while from all the things happening around, was a bit depressed and wanted to come out of it hence I took a break from all my social media! Thank you for all the lovely messages you’ve been sending me!❤️ I’m fine and healthy…I love you all”

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