Jannat Zubair, the internet and TikTok sensation, is killing it, here’s why.

This is why Jannat Zubair has a large social media following

The ‘Phulwa’ star has been recognised as a very popular sensation on social media of late. And her acting talent and prowess have gotten her very far in her life and that too at a very young age. The 17-year old actress has made a very big splash in the scene right now. And, her onscreen persona is very different from her off screen personality, much like many other actors. She is a trendsetter most of the time and she has made a big difference in many people’s life. Her astonishing beauty isn’t the only cause for her popularity. Her fame is also helped by the fact that she is extremely influential amongst the youth, as they look up to find a role model in someone around them. Many can claim that Jannat and her exploits on social media have made sure that she becomes that influential personality in someone’s life.
With her TIkTok videos absolutely running the show on Instagram and Twitter, she has taken the world of social media by storm. These followers come not only because of how beautiful and gorgeous she is, but also tend to notice and acknowledge her talents. Her popularity knows no bounds.

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