The Maharashtrian quintessential look is something that most actresses and models wish to nail. But, only so many can actually do it.

Jannat Zubair to Mithila Palkar: Celebs In Maharashtrian Look

Be it, Jannat Zubair or Mithila Palkar. Everyone wants to have that Maharashtrian look enshrined to them. Everyone wants to make it their own. Be it, with Mithila’s tossy and unkempt looking curly hair or, Jannat’s graceful and classy personality. That look has had its own renditions over a long time.

And, to be fair. This look has also been as old as time. So, for anyone to actually get close to reinventing it is in itself a challenge as the most incredible thing in the world is when an artist reinvents an old piece of art or style of art and so many try and fail only for that one person to succeed and soar with a groundbreaking revelation.

Well, our two heroines here, have certainly made a big impact on the scene. With both being very different and personalized takes on the original Maharashtrian look. But, there are more. So, many more who are also trying to do something different with this look. Some fail, most of them succeeding.

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