Faisu shows warm gesture for Jannat Zubair, Jannat thanks him

Why is Jannat Zubair thanking Faisu? Find out

Jannat Zubair is the ultimate star who has always managed to be on top of the list when it comes to showing her style skills and acing her fashion game. Jannat has always been attached to her fans with the social media uploads post and some videos which make her cute and the bundle of cuteness and sparkling style and smile on her face.

TikTok stars Jannat Zubair and Faisu have gained a special place in our hearts ever since they first appeared on screen. The talented duo has featured in many music videos and one can witness Jannat and Faisu’s killer chemistry in them. Both these talented stars have become the best of friends ever since their music video came out.

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There is something so undeniably charming about them together that we just can’t help but aww at them. Their camaraderie and chemistry are a rage and they make for a stunning on-screen pair.

Recently, Jannat released her new film and which is already gaining love from her fans. Jannat’s good friend and social media influencer Faisu shared and promoted her video. She thanked him for his sweet gesture.

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