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Boss: Baap of special services is a crime web series which has actor Karan Singh Grover in the lead role.

Karan Singh Grover’s Boss : The web series you should binge watch this weekend

Charming and witty Sagarika Ghatge is his co-actress. Karan is a conman turned cop in the series and Sagarika joins him in the special task force for solving a murder mystery in Shimla. By solving this murder mystery Karan aims to resolve his purpose. The series is much talked about among its audience for Grover’s mandatory sex scenes that have been roped in every single episode of the series.

The series seemed to be inspired by Crime Petrol. But above this, the series is still watchable for its unusual pair of a righteous cop played by Sagarika and conman Karan. These both as a pair together solve crimes in every new episode of the series.

Karan’s modus operandi of extracting vital information regarding the crime is by sleeping with almost every female character he comes across during the investigation. This gave series a kind of boredom.

The 10 episode run of the series will keep you hooked for the back story and the mysteries involved in Karan’s character.

Karan Singh Grover's Boss : The web series you should binge watch this weekend 1

In the series, Karan is in the lead role and takes the centre stage as he has been deployed in Shimla to control crime. Karan is playing the role of Inspector Sudhir Kohli and team is led by Sagarika as ACP Sakshi Ranjan who is not happy with the behaviour of Karan. But his ability to get inside the criminal’s mind and his success rate have made it mandatory to keep him in the team.

Karan is conman actually who has joined the force under an assumed identity and want to search for his kidnapped daughter.

From the beginning of the show in the first episode, a clumsy bank robbery has been featured which is stopped by Karan.

As the show proceeds Karan in Sagarika together involve in solving the murder mysteries.
And if you are the lover of Crime Patrol series you would certainly love to watch the show where Karan’s sex appeal has been overly used.

Karan Singh Grover has perfectly portrayed the character of corrupt cop- conman who has no hesitation in getting cosy with every woman he comes across in each episode.

As a no-nonsense cop, Sagarika is fine but does not have much to infuse in her character. Karan’s character is strong enough and takes away the limelight of every scene.
Grover Sagarika
The humour content in the show is an average drama that is a one-time watch.

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