Jannat Zubair in a dilemma

OMG: Jannat Zubair ‘can’t take it anymore’, is suffering from ‘charging anxiety’

The stunning and sensational Jannat Zubair is a much-adored star in the country, who creates smart, humorous and entertaining social media videos that keep her fans across the country engaged and wanting for more. She is also a celebrated actor.

She is ruling in the digital world and only seems to be soaring higher on all social media platforms.

The actress has always impressed us with her flamboyant avatar on-screen. Everyone is aware of Jannat being the perfect example of beauty with brains. She has a great sense of style, which is always on point.

She keeps making videos as a professional and thus, her phone is her weapon of choice.

And the issue with phones is constantly draining battery, which is quite a dampener in plans.

Thus, Jannat is suffering from charging anxiety and she can’t take it anymore, as she shared in a post.

The video seems to be a promotional one but indeed is shot well and Jannat, as usual, does a great job as a performer.

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