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We all are overawed by Siddharth Nigam and Bhuvan Bam’s music videos, but what’s up next? Let’s find out

After Siddharth Nigam and Bhuvan Bam: Whose Music Video Are You Waiting for Next?

Siddharth Nigam, the Aladdin and the ruler of our hearts! The star has been regulating our hearts since his excellent execution in Dhoom 3, where he played Aamir’s childhood, after that he has been wowing us with his incredible acting flairs, from different TV shows to other Bollywood films. What’s more, he is a talented gymnast and has propelled us with his fitness videos too. Starting at now, the on-screen character is keeping us focussed on his music videos, with flawless acting flairs he isn’t neglecting to flabbergast us in those music videos as well, in the midst of the lockdown. As of now, we are slobbering over his chemistry with Jannat Zubair in the music video, Ringtone. Here is the video!

We all know Bhuvan Bam, the all-rounder, an exemplary lyricist and great singer, who has wowed us with his great comedy sketches and vines, is one of the topmost YouTubers in the country. He is an inspiration for the youth of the nation. We heartily applaud his work and his tenacity to keep his fans and viewers entertained even during these tough times. As of now, He uploaded a new music video, Heer Ranjha, which has gotten more than 6million views already. We are loving the work of graphics and animations in it. Here is the video!

So, who do you think is next? Well, it’s Mr Faisu of course! We are rolling over his recent upload on YouTube, Maangi Duaein. We are in love with Faisu’s wonderful performance in the music video, and quite thrilled with these expressions and acting skills! Here is the video!

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