Check pics of Jannat’s and Arishfa’s hairstyle

Taking Inspiration from Jannat Zubair and Arishfa Khan’s Hairstyles

Perfect hairdo completes the look. So, it is essential to do your hair with good knowledge of it and also which outfit shall it go with! Like Jannat and Arishfa. The talented actresses have wowed us with their awesome hairstyles, in recent days, they also have put up tutorial videos on their YouTube channel for certain hairstyles, don’t forget to check them!

Jannat Zubair, who has hit the Bollywood with Rani Mukherjee, in her film Hichki, playing the role of a student, is now a TikTok star. She has wowed us with her alluring acting aptitudes and now she is hitting high with her fashion quotient.

Arishfa Khan, the TikTok star, who is adored for a baby like voice and adorable smile. She is very humble and fun-loving. Arishfa is a great actor and a true fashion diva. We all love her!

Here are the tutorial videos!

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