Lock Upp will see Jailor Karan Kundrra starting off the Arena Task.

ALTBalaji & MX Player’s Lock Upp unfolds a new chapter every day, and the ride continues as contestants do their best to survive in India’s biggest digital reality show! Ever since Azma Fallah has walked into the Lock Upp jail, it was high time someone paid her back. So, Mandana decided to teach Azma a lesson and hid her garments near the storage unit as a form of revenge. Shivam informed Azma that he had seen her clothes near the storage unit, and Azma assumed it was Zeeshan who did it since they had a tiff for a few days. So, as payback, Azma sprinkled detergent powder on Zeeshan’s clothes! When Zeeshan went to get his clothes, he noticed the powder and assumed he had not washed them adequately.

Celebrity jailor Karan Kundrra takes all the Kaidis to flag off the only Arena task. The task was an obstacle course, where the kaidis had to complete the task while carrying sandbags on their backs. The task was structured as a relay race with one Kaidi tagging another to start another obstacle course. Both blocks received a total of ten sandbags, each weighing ten kilos. The catch was that both sandbags had a funnel through which the sand may fall, so the Kaidi had to be extremely cautious. There were four obstacles: Balancing beams, Hopping steps, Electric circuit and Lock Upp runway. In this task, 3 kaidis can perform simultaneously from each block. The rule was simple: if a Kaidi placed their foot down during the task, they had to restart it, and the block with the most sand at the end of the task would win. Munawar, Anjali, and Ali played from the left block. First, Shivam, Zeeshan and Mandana chose to play from the right block. Shivam and Ali performed admirably during the task, whereas Anjali struggled to complete the obstacle course. Zeeshan, however, took a long time to get the hang of the course. The team that wins the task will gain access to the luxury washrooms.

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