With monsoons already here, we give you 10 monsoon fashion tips…

10 Monsoon Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know

Monsoon season has officially begun in India. The rainy season carries with itself a beautiful aura, the pleasant vibes, and a special euphoria that engulfs every heart. From a fashion perspective, the rain can sometimes prevent us from wearing what we want and also ruin our outfits. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. Opting for clothes and accessories that are functional in the rain is the key. Here are 10 monsoon fashion tips that every girl should know.

To beat the grey and dull weather of monsoon, opt for bright shades as they cut through the gloomy weather. Also, steer clear of whites as they get stained easily.

To avoid getting your favourite Kurtis, palazzos or trousers stained with the murky water, pick dresses with shorter hemlines as they are the most practical.

Wearing palazzos during monsoon isn’t advisable. However, culottes can work perfectly with anything and a variety of looks can be created with these short hemmed comfy pants.

Florals work great during the rainy season and it can be a floral dress, top or even a floral chiffon saree.

Taking perfect care of your feet, especially toenails is important as dirt accumulates and could lead to fungal infections. A foot spa at home is the perfect way to relax as well as maintain your feet.

Woolens and cottons don’t go well with monsoon as they take longer to dry. Fabrics like chiffons and polyesters work best during the rainy days as they are light and dry easily.

Comfortable footwear is a must during monsoons. Rubber or plastic shoes which are stylish and non-slippery are a must during these days.

Women need to carry the entire universe with them. And with the rainy season carrying an umbrella and waterproof essentials is a must. Instead of carrying multiple bags, a handy tote is practical yet stylish.

Wearing minimal makeup during monsoon is very important as during heavy rains makeup tends to melt and nobody wants that. Also, the humidity and makeup are not best friends.

Putting up hair in a bun or braid is very practical during monsoons. Heat styling isn’t advisable during this period as the humidity and moisture will reset it and make them frizzy.

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