Mistakes to be avoided while painting your nails

Avoid These Mistakes While Painting Your Nails At Home

Well, polished nails look very attractive. But as there is lockdown going, the beauty salons and parlours are forced to shut down. So, women are doing manicure and nails at home. But one never realizes how many mistakes one makes during painting nails at home.

Here are some common mistakes done every day:-

  1. Paining dirty nails.
  2. Failure to prepare the surface.
  3. Skipping the basecoat.
  4. Failure to use a topcoat for sealing the deal.
  5. Forgoing maintenance.
  6. Practising the wrong painting technique.
  7. Applying nail paint in a single stroke.
  8. A hot water shower soon after application.
  9. You are using an expired product.
  10. Hitting the sack soon after application.
  11. Not doing pre-work like buffing nails.
  12. Shaking your nail paint bottle vigorously.
  13. Not waiting in between layers.
  14. Using cotton buds to fix mistakes.

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