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J-Hope looking hotter than ever in his oversized looks

BTS J-Hope Aka Jung Ho-Seok’s Hottest Not So Fit Outfit Looks

J-Hope is a heartthrob for his charming and contagious smile. He is carefree and always dares to experiment with his wardrobe. He is daring and confident, taking his outfits to a whole new level, and will never be scared of not going with the flow. He is always the one to be spotted following a fashion trend or being the one in setting up in motion.

J-Hope has always managed to capture the attention of his fans through his experimental side of fashion statements. But what we love about his fashion Is that it is never overdressed or underdressed for anything. He loves pairing fun, baggy, and colorful outfits no matter what the occasion is. He is not scared to go all monochrome or sometimes look like a Matrix.

If you have been closely following J-Hope’s fashion statements, you would have noticed that he loves wearing baggy oversized outfits. And so here is a style file of J-Hope wearing some of the best not so fit outfits.

Tell us which are your favorite J-Hope oversized looks?

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