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How to Find Best Sunglasses for Men as Per Face Type?

Sunglasses are a fashion accessory that every well-dressed man should have. But, before purchasing it, you should know the kind of sunglass frame that suits your face shape. Choosing the right one from the numerous choices of sunglasses for men will help you pick a style that complements your features.

Given below is a guide of the distinct but common face shapes with the ideal sunglasses that will perfectly frame your best assets:

  1. Round Shaped Face

How to Find Best Sunglasses for Men as Per Face Type?

If your face is round in shape, you need to look for a pair of sunglasses that can complement your facial features.

When you are searching for sunglasses for men for such a face type, you seek ways to add definition to your face. Instead of opting for a rounder frame that mimics your face shape, opt for angular or square frames. These sharper frames enable you to add structure and definition to faces and provide you with a flattening vibe. You can opt for this square sunglass, which will enhance your facial features!

  1. Oval Shaped Face

How to Find Best Sunglasses for Men as Per Face Type? 5

Every frame fits and looks good on oval-shaped faces. If you have an oval-shaped face, you are blessed to be able to choose from a range of sunglasses for men!

Oval faces are gently rounded and moderately even featured. If you are oval-faced, the only trick is selecting sunglasses that are not wider than your face. Choose sunglasses that cover your face from the eyebrows to cheekbones. You can opt for this navigator frame that will accentuate your symmetrical facial features.

  1. Square Shaped Face

How to Find Best Sunglasses for Men as Per Face Type? 4

If you have a broader forehead and a strong jawline, then you are square-faced. This shape is distinguished with its attribute of having the same length and width across the face. With too much definition already, you should opt for round sunglasses for men like this one.

The roundness of the rims helps in softening the bold facial features. They will complement your square jawline and help in balancing the sharpness of the face. Round sunglasses for men are unique in silhouette and have a minimalist design.

  1. Oblong or Rectangular Shaped Face

How to Find Best Sunglasses for Men as Per Face Type? 3

For a face shape like oblong or rectangular, it is all about balancing since the face is longer than the rest of the shapes. Also, oblong faces are narrower with lesser angles.

The ideal sunglasses for men to suit this particular shape are oversized. You can opt for this wayfarer or for sunglasses with thicker frames, which will add width to the face. Otherwise, you can also choose vintage sunglasses that feature a deep lens and whose bold lines will give your oblong face an edge. It will be wise to avoid sunglasses for men with small frames.

  1. Heart-Shaped Face

How to Find Best Sunglasses for Men as Per Face Type? 2

With a broader forehead and a narrower jaw, heart-shaped faces are sometimes called triangle shaped. The most favorable sunglasses for men that suit this face type are aviators.

Aviators like these help give a long look to the face and provide a more balanced appearance. Designed with thin metal frames and double bridges, aviators are a popular sunglasses option amongst men. Also, with wider lower edges and no straight lines along the top, they effectively shift the attention down to the cheekbones.

  1. Diamond Shaped Face

How to Find Best Sunglasses for Men as Per Face Type? 1

Diamond faced shapes have sharper angles and a pointed chin. A narrow jawline and forehead characterize them with the cheekbones as the widest part of the face.

It would help if you opted for oval and rimless sunglasses for men like this one, as it will compliment your high cheekbones. Also, it would be smart to buy frames that feature gentle curves. Make sure to opt for smaller lenses to avoid the focus on the top of the face, which does not need more attention.

Wear Sunglasses According to Your Face Type

Determining the shape and size of your face is essential as it helps you find the best fit that will upgrade your look. Also, it helps you style better and look trendier. There are many sunglasses for men available in the market for different face types. To be sure of the quality and appearance, you should opt for reputable companies like Titan EyePlus. They offer a wide range of sunglasses for men and ensure that you have a satisfying shopping experience.

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