24th June is celebrated as WORLD UPCYCLING DAY!

Upcycling is a growing trend that’s still under the radar for some but has caught the world’s imagination.
It’s all about taking old and waste products and adding your own creativity and craft to make it something new, unique, useful and beautiful.

With the art of upcycling comes the focus on sustainable use of things that we think are completely useless at first glance.

Upcycling is a process in which the product is reconstructed or redesigned to make another product. It reduces waste as pre-industrial, pre-consumer and post-consumer waste is not thrown away but simply reworked into a new product.

JUST BLOUSES is an ethnic Indian brand that is committed to the art of upcycling. As the fashion industry is moving forward to achieve sustainable goals, VAISHALI SHAH CEO & FOUNDER of JUST BLOUSES shares the ethos behind creating useful and appealing products from textile waste.

JUST BLOUSES is not just a brand it is a movement – a movement that encourages people to change their consumption habits by promoting sustainable products, sustainable styling ideas and sustainable fashion. The brand creates handkerchiefs, potli purses, face masks, hair accessories, latkans, jewellery, saree belts and raakis out of fabric waste. This is how they add value to the discarded waste and is good news in the form of a new trend for creating an environment of zero waste.

The brand is concerned about the lasting effects of the fashion industry on the environment. There are a lot of lessons that one can take from this brand which focuses extensively on sustainability. They use the smallest remnants from their leftovers from manufacturing units to leave no waste behind. They aim to build on the concept of the Indian capsule wardrobe.

JUST BLOUSES is a start-up fashion label that is not only committed to upcycling but it’s also trying to change the consumer mindset with their ethical and sustainable initiatives, contributing towards making a more environmentally and socially viable world.