Tired of being dressed in pyjamas all day? Here are ways you can stay fashionable during the lockdown…

Want To Stay Fashionable During Lockdown? Follow These Styles

We always thought that staying all day in comfortable t-shirts and pyjamas with no fuss of dressing up to work would be such fun. However, the lockdown made a great revelation how much we love dressing up and be our stylish self. Well, work from home is the new style people around the world have opted for during this lockdown and why not do it fashionably? Here are a few fashion tips to give you work from home a fancy twist.

Pair a plain t-shirt or a semi-formal shirt with blue jeans for that laid back yet classy look.

A little makeup at home doesn’t hurt. Applying a dash of lipstick and a little mascara to give your lashes definition works wonders to make you feel good. Also adding your favourite accessories according to the outfit will be great to lift your fashionable spirit during the lockdown.

To satiate your hunger for ethnic looks, put on an Anarkali Kurti as a dress and pair it with a belt to make your outfit chic yet having a touch of ethnicity.

For those zoom meetings from home, pair a formal top or shirt with a pair of comfortable trousers and put your hair up in a high ponytail for that uber professional look.

For all the men out there, you too could dress up in your favourite t-shirt: collared or plain and pair it with your favourite jeans. Also for that professional look, a simple shirt and trousers can work wonders and make you feel good.

Well, there are no rules but keeping it simple and experimenting with your outfits is the key to stay fashionable during the lockdown.

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