Cricket fans, rejoice! Cricketers are experimenting with new haircuts in order to kick off the season with style. Star cricketers ranging from MS Dhoni to Hardik Pandya to Shreyas Iyer have all opted for a new appearance.

MS Dhoni

Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni made headlines a few weeks ago when he had his hair transformed by famous hairdresser Aalim Hakim. MS Dhoni’s new spiked hair not only made him seem fresh but also eager to play.

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya came to Instagram to show off his new hairdo, which was done by hairdresser Aalim Hakim. “Always the finest. Thank you, @aalimhakim bhai,” Hardik scribbled in the comments.

Shubhman Gill

Shubhman Gill surprised his admirers by revealing his new appearance via an Instagram picture. The teenage Kolkata Knight Riders star had the front of his skull dyed blond and wore his hair in a military cut.

Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina of the Chennai Super Kings has also updated his appearance, following the footsteps of MS Dhoni. Suresh Raina’s new appearance has him looking stylish and eager to take on the competition.

Andre Russell

Andre Russell of the Kolkata Knight Riders isn’t out of style, as seen by his current hairdo. Russell unveiled his new blond hairstyle in a reflection picture well before early in the second edition of the IPL in September.

Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas Iyer, a youth star, rushed to Instagram to share multiple photographs of his new gray-highlighted haircut with admirers. Shreyas commented on the shot, “I’m all set to go out there. Prepared to battle. I’m ready to go. Thank you to everybody who has assisted me in my recovery. It’s important to let the bat speak for itself.”