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Know the diet secrets of Virat Kohli

Checkout: Diet secrets of Virat Kohli 

Virat Kohli, the Indian Cricket team Captain, is not only a fitness lover but a food lover too. However, he follows diet strictly.

Many sources have revealed that Virat loves to begin his day with one of his favourites, three egg omelette.

Virat only prefers packed mineral water, which is imported from France.

For Virat, the easiest way to get energized is to smile in every situation and have nuts & coffee. He also loves cheese, and prefers it a good source for some good fat.

Virat is surely a gym freak but many of us are not aware that he loves chocolate brownies.

His regular lunch menu includes smoked chicken & spinach. Experts say that the combo keeps him energetic throughout the day and also tastes good.

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The dinner menu of Virat is restricted to seafood which is either grilled or boiled.

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