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These 6 Household Items To Use As GYM Equipment

6 Household Items To Use As GYM Equipment

This quarantine, lockdown days even if you don’t have access to a gym or traditional exercise equipment, there are lots of items you have already got lying around that can be double as equipment. Without even realizing it, you have been collecting all types of free weights at the grocery store that can help add some give power to your body weight exercises there are lots of household items to use as to exercise equipment, as far as you use your imagination.

1. A rope:

If you have got any type of rope lying around you, now is the time to actually put it to use. You can use it as a loop, the same way you would do for a resistance band, and cycle through this abs and back workout.

2. Stairs:

Why infuse in a Stair Master when you have got an excellently good staircase at home. running or Walking the stairs is a great way to get your heart pumping and grind away all your butt fats without wasting a rupee.

3. Water bottles, laundry detergent jugs:

Use any of these household items like dumbbells or hand weights. Give your arms a great workout by doing some front raises, overhead presses.

4. A sack of flour or sugar:

Have a break from bread baking and bring your flour and sugar into your home gym, where you can simply use it to get some weight lifting.

5. A broom:

Beyond sweeping, a broom can give your core, glutes and hips a workout. Next time whenever you are sweeping the floor, shake the things up by including some oblique twists and hip hinges to your everyday routine.

6. A backpack:

To add on some extra weight to your bodyweight moves, fill a backpack with bottles and cans. Carry it on your back for squats, pushups, lunges, or when you are running up and down the stairs.

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