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Burpees is my favourite exercise – Mohit Malik

When it comes to the name ‘Mohit Malik’, girls literally go gaga seeing the hotness quotient of this man. The Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala actor has got everything perfect about him in terms of grooming. Be it a sexy haircut or a well-toned physique or a nice dressing sense, Mohit’s game is on point. A lot of his grooming also comes from his fit and balanced lifestyle. So, in order to know more about Mohit’s fitness routine, we exclusively got in touch with him for a special fitness conversation. Read to know more –

What is your cheat food?

I never call anything cheat food. I always call them ‘reward’ food (Chuckles). I try to reward myself once a week with icecream, laddoos or any kind of dessert.

Favourite exercise?

Burpees. You can literally do it anywhere.

What is your morning routine?

I do a quick workout. 30 mins of HIG training. Sometimes also a 25 mins jog at the park. There’s yoga and sprints as well. I also do ‘oil pulling’. It’s a lovely mouth cleanser early in the morning before brushing your teeth.

Fruits or juices?


Stairs or lift?


One tip for everyday fitness?

We should ‘move’ a lot. We can’t afford to have a sedentary lifestyle. A lot of sickness I believe happens because we don’t ‘move’ much. Physically moving and walking is very important. So even if you are working out much, simply walking is good. For mental and emotional fitness, yoga and Pranayam is what I would suggest. A balanced diet is a cherry on top.

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