Priyamvada Kant the talented actress is a fitness enthusiast. Priyamvada is always a determined personality when it comes to maintaining her body in shape.

In a candid chat with, Priyamvada talks about her fitness choices.

Check them here.

Cheat Food:

I’m never on a diet, Noodles and Chilly Chicken for the win

Favourite Exercise:

Jumping Jacks and Squats

Fruit or juices:

Fruits or Smoothies

Stairs or lift:


Your best morning routine will comprise of:

Listening to music and dancing to it while I sip my black coffee

Your favourite lockdown exercise:

I went crazy working out during the lockdown, I was doing hard-core HIIT and Yoga

Yoga Or Weights:


Walking or Jogging:


Your take on health supplements:

If your food isn’t giving you enough nutrition, it’s important to take vitamins and protein supplements. Our busy lifestyle, the kind of food we eat, the timings, it’s often not enough.

Best way to burn calories:

Brisk walks

One tip for everyday fitness:

Just try including some physical exhaustion in the first one hour of your waking up. It energises you for the entire day physically as well as mentally. I would suggest dancing to your favourite songs when you wake up.