Kiran Rathore the talented actress of Anbe Sivam fame talks about her fitness choices and secrets. You can check her fitness specific answers here at

Keep walking whenever you get time: Kiran Rathore

Actress Kiran Rathore who has featured in Tamil and Bollywood films like Yaadein, Gemini, Villain, Parasuram, Anbe Sivam Thimiru etc, is a fitness freak to the core. Kiran will be seen in the upcoming Tamil film Leo.

In a candid chat with, Kiran Rathore talks about her fitness secrets and more.

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Cheat Food:


Favourite Exercise:

I don’t have any favourite exercise. I am a very lazy lad, I really want to start the workout and it’s high time.

Fruit or juices: 

I love juices, I can have orange juice throughout the day. Sweet lime and orange are my favourite juices.

Stairs or lift:

I think lift is better (Smiles)

Your best morning routine will comprise of:

I do a little bit of stretching which is almost every day. If I wake up early, I do Yoga. I love to sit in front of the sun by around 7- 7.30 a.m.

Yoga Or Weights: 

I prefer weights. I think since I have been introduced to working in the gym, I have known the exercises which are cardio and weights. Yoga has just come into my life.

Walking or Jogging:

Walking is the best. Jogging is not for me.

Your take on health supplements:

No not really. I have been asked to take protein shakes, but I don’t think I can digest it. But since I am working out and I am lifting weights now, I have started to take protein shakes.

Best way to burn calories:

Best way to burn calories is just to walk and starve. I am a person who has been fasting since I was a child. My parents had introduced me to fasting twice a week. I am a big foodie, but I can fast too. That’s the strength and willpower I possess.

One tip for everyday fitness:

Keep walking whenever you get time, do window shopping, just go to the mall and walk.