Practice these Yoga Asanas for perfect Belly

Yoga Asanas For A Perfectly Shaped Belly

Get a perfect fit belly just by doing these Yoga Asanas at home

1} Bhujangasana:- 1. Bring the hands forward, bend the elbows and place the palms on the ground next to your chest.

  1. Press your hands on the ground and slowly lift your body from the stomach. Keep your lower body below the stomach, straight and still. Stretch

your toes. Make an arch and look at the sky.

  1. Slowly bring your upper body down and touch your forehead to the ground.

4. Take your hands back to the sides, close to the body. Original position.

2} Shavasana:- It gives total rest to the body and the mind. Shavasana reduces fatigue and makes you feel energized. It checks the blood pressure and improves the heart’s functioning.

3} Vrikshasana:- 1. Shifting the body weight onto the left leg, bend the right leg and place its heel at the root of the lift high. The toes should point downwards. Press the left thigh with the right foot. Maintain your balance.

  1. Join the palms as in ‘namaskar’ and raise the arms like in Parvatasana over the head. This is the final position of the asana, Stay in it for 15-20 seconds. Breathe regularly.
  2. Lower the arms, separate the palms. Bring the arms to the side as you straighten the right leg and bring it down-Original position.

4} Dhanurasana:- The Asana helps reducing the fat from the abdominal area. This asana also helps to overcome ailments related to the chest and the stomach.

5} Tadasana:-  1. Raise your hands slowly in front. Keep your elbow straight. Palms should face each other. Spread the fingers and raise your hands over the head, keeping the upper arms close to your ears.

  1. Raise your heels slowly and stand just on your toes. Stretch the body upwards. Keep your back straight. Don’t bend the knees. Keep on breathing till the body is fully stretched.
  2. Relax your body, lower your heels to the ground.
  3. Breathe out. Lower your hands.

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