Guess which one are you, from these 3 Types of Relationships

3 Types Of Relationships: GUESS Which One Is You?

Every relationship has its own different stages and many advices to choose from.


There are mainly three types of relationships- Independent, Toxic, and Sexual.

1. Independent Relationship- Being Independent or living independently is not bad quality. Well, being in a serious relationship also needs you to compromise and sacrifice. Independent quality is not something we need to show off. Total independence is not too good for a relationship, but you need to be independent up to a certain level that allows both of you to function without each other.

2. Toxic Relationship- In a toxic relationship, there is no sacrifice, understanding, or compromise for the sake of your partner, though both the partners love each other. You have different interests and opinions that many times lead to fighting, arguments, and misunderstanding.

3. Sexual Relationship- There is no look for a deeper connection other than sex in a sexual relationship. The couple thinks nothing is deeper to understand each other better than sex.

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