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Know these 3 Weird But True Facts About Love

3 Weird But True Facts About Love

Love is sweet, love is pure, love is painful and even at times, love can be dreadful. True love can be immense. We can evenly say that if there is no love our planet would stop revolving. We strive for true and endless love and even mourn at its loss.

Love can make one’s heart smile. Love literally makes you grow. Love holds so much space in our lives. Falling in love is exciting, colours seem brighter, obstacles seem to vanish. We start seeing the world from a happy angle with the newly found lover. Falling in love can be addicting as cocaine or nicotine.

During the initial stages of attraction, a chemical is released known as dopamine. According to studies, love needs to be blind in order to survive. If you take away one of the key bonding hormones, the attachment will disappear.

Today let us take a look at some of the amazing facts of love:-

1. Hugging your partner is an instant stress reliever- When you have gone through a difficult time or a bad day, a hug from your partner can act as an instant stress reliever.

2. Couples’ heartbeats synchronize- According to many studies, your beats synchronize when you gaze into one another’s eyes.

3. People in love gain weight or lose it- A popular expression in psychology called ‘Love Pound’, wherein the couple gains weight in their initial stages of a relationship.

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