Here are 5 best ways to propose your loved one!

5 Best Ways To Propose Your Loved One!

Almost everyone has a secret crush, but don’t know how to confess your love to a person. Many times a love story ends before it starts. Just because we are not confident or sure to confess our love to the person we like. Number of people don’t confess their feelings just with the fear of rejection or the denial would affect their friendship. If you too are confused on how to propose to your loved one, then try with any of the following ways.

Ways to propose our loved one-
1. Be a little dramatic- Before confessing your feelings, get dramatic to set the atmosphere and make your partner wonder about the things.
2. Take your loved one to the place you met first- Try to visit the place where you both met for the very first time. Set up for a romantic atmosphere and propose to him/her.
3. Go out for dinner to the favourite place of the opposite person- Plan a dinner date on the favourite spot of the opposite person and propose them in a unique way.
4. Be yourself- Being yourself is the most important aspect when proposing someone. Be honest to yourself of what you feel and also be honest to the opposite person.
5. Drive down to a beach when the sun is about to set- Visit a beach during a sunset and propose in the most unique way.

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