Play these 5 games in long distance relationship

These 5 Games You Can Play In Long Distance Relationship

These back-to-back lockdowns have distanced us socially and physically, but not emotionally. We can be in touch with each other through mobiles and internet.

Here are 5 amazing game to play with you long distance relationship partner-

1. Never have I ever- You can ask each other some questions. This game can be adapted easily into a texting game. This game goes some more like Rapid fire.

2. Play any online game- Eg: Monopoly, Ludo, snake and ladder.

3. Fill in the blank- Eg: ” You love it when I……”

4. Good old ‘truth or dare’- Heat it up with rewarding prizes or punishment.

5. Celebrity role play- Through this text game make a celebrity like role-play.

There are many more games. Playing some online games with your distant partner helps you keep love and charm alive. You also get to know each other more.

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