These 5 signs will show you that he deeply loves you

5 Signs He Deeply Loves You

When you are in a relationship, you often are confused about whether the guy is serious or not. You are even confused about finding it out. Not all men are good at expressing feelings and hence we are not sure about their feelings towards us. Even if a guy is truly into you, then too we are doubting them. This happens due to past bad experiences.

Some men show concern and love but in reality, they don’t give a damn about you. While sometimes the men are really in love with us and unable to express.

So, here are 5 ways to know whether your man truly loves you-

1. His kisses are longer and more passionate- When he tangles his fingers in your hair and keeps his hand on the back of your head and gives you a lengthy kiss, then he truly loves you.

2. He remembers your favourite things- If he remembers your favourite colour or character or foods and brings up the things he truly loves you.

3. He remembers all the important date without always repeating them- If he remembers all the important dates like the day you got into a relationship, your birthdays or even considering doctor’s appointment or special events then he is truly into you.

4. He pays attention to you- This is a very important and helpful point in finding out whether he truly is interested in you or not. Paying attention to you even in minor activities. We all love when someone pays attention and listens to us!

5. He opens up for you- He tells you about past events, school memories even sometimes his darkest secrets, then he truly is serious about you.

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