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Knows these 5 signs to learn whether a woman is attracted to you

5 Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You

Figuring out whether a girl is attracted to you can be tricky. Men often find it difficult to figure out whether a woman is interested in them. Many studies have revealed that men misread the signals that can later lead to aggression. To learn whether a girl is attracted towards you or not, there are various common signs you need to know.

Here are some of the common signs-
1. Open body language- You can find out whether a girl is interested in you or not with some physical signs. Girl will be more open and accommodating if she is interested in you. Traditional women will have open arms and palms while they are talking with you.
2. She Reaches Out To Touch You Frequently- If she touches you frequently, it is another good sign. If you want to confirm it, You can give her space and time, she will try to be near you.
3. She smiles often or laughs on your jokes- A girl will always want you to know she has fun around you, When she likes you. She will laugh and smile a lot at you. She wants you to make her feel comfortable and wants to have fun when you are around.
4. When She Shows You Gratitude- She will be grateful for good dates and good conversation. She will thank you for hanging out with her.
5. She Pays Attention To You Over Everyone Else- If a girl is into you, she’ll pay attention to you and even little things you do or say. She’ll try to have eye contact, ask you questions, hang out close to you.

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